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Bespoke Software.
What is bespoke?

Bespoke software, is the production of software either online or off, that it built and tailored to your individual needs.

We have written online software for dozens of companies from testing centers to letting agents.

So how does it work?

One of our advisors will come and talk to you about your requirements, if what you are asking is possible, we will make up a demo and quote for the work.

If you are happy with the price, then once all of the standard T&C's are applied we start work on your project.

What type of thing do you mean? - We can do most things, for example, recently, we digitised and put online all the bookings and paperwork of a testing house, now they spend less time filling out paperwork forms and all the staff can see all the information they need, anywhere.

Is it safe? - Yes, all our sites and software comes with 128 bit encryption, which is the same security as the banks use, meaning only authorised staff can access the data.

Why would I want this?

How many times have you been asked for a document that's just not to hand, or sat at home, needing to be proof-read or completed? With our systems, your business documents and work are always available, and easily accessible.

Will it work on my phone? - Yes, we can make mobile applications too, just ask and we will build you a small demo.

With ITNAS Solutions, it's always that simple.