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ITNAS Solutions are always happy and here to help...

If you have a question, or your PC is doing something silly, just drop us a line and one of our advisors will help you, we won't just assume you need a visit, as many problems can be solved with a simple fix or clean up.

We even supply a remote help session if appropriate.

Charges - We charge £50.00 per hour, for whatever we are doing, PC repair or web work, there are no silly call out charges and we charge to the nearest half hour.

Travel - Because our hourly rate is so low, if you live or work further than 50 miles away, we will charge for travel, at £10.00 per hour travelling, per visit.

Payment - Payment for hardware is required up front, websites are charged at 50% up front and 50% on launch, all other costs are charged after the job, we accept cash, bank transfer, credit card via paypal, but unfortunately, we no longer accept cheques.